XM Cloud – Automatically validate User-Generated Content with integrated AI

As you already saw in the last blog post, I am currently dealing with the topic of integrations in general, but backend based integrations in particular. The very first use case was some Automatic Translation feature, which purely took action in BE (see https://hachweb.wordpress.com/2023/04/02/sitecore-xm-cloud-modern-types-of-integration-with-automatic-translation-example/). The next one as well was a 100% BE use case,... Continue Reading →

Sitecore XM Cloud – Automatic Translation as modern Backend Integration example

If you are interested in Integrations in general or would just like to read part 1 of the series, just follow the following link to better understand integration types in general: https://hachweb.wordpress.com/2023/04/02/sitecore-xm-cloud-introduction-of-modern-integration-scenarios/ But if you are already familiar with that or just want to see that specific backend integration in action, we are good to... Continue Reading →

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